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    Medical intelligence in the service of care

VIDAL France, medical intelligence at the service of care

The activity of VIDAL France, a VIDAL Group company, is entirely devoted to information on health products, secure prescribing and analysis of treatments with a view to continuous improvement of therapeutic management.

The databases are constantly updated by a team of pharmacists, physicians, engineers and specialists in pharmacology and medical informatics. VIDAL distributes its data and decision support tools on web media, mobile solutions and integrated within business software.

More than 200 editors currently integrate VIDAL's technologies into their medical applications, in France and abroad (Germany, Spain, Middle East, South America, etc.).

As a major player in Europe in the field of medical informatics, VIDAL contributes, in partnership with numerous French and European research laboratories, universities and industrial companies, to the realization of innovative projects, particularly in the field of the fight against drug iatrogeny and the improvement of the quality of care.

By exporting its technologies to several foreign countries, VIDAL is now a leading international reference.