Partenariat VIDAL - SIB

The SIB integrates VIDAL Sentinel into its Wake PGD and facilitates the assessment of drug risks throughout the course of care

The SIB is a major and global public player in the digital sector at the service of health and the public sector. It supports healthcare establishments, communities and public administrations in the transformation of their information systems (IS).

Thanks to the close collaboration between VIDAL and the SIB, drug risk management is now carried out dynamically by integrating VIDAL Sentinel into the DPI Sillage. To optimize therapeutic management, the information from the pharmacopoeia repository is supplemented by biometric or biological data, which generates alerts in the event of possible side effects following the taking of these drugs. The VIDAL Sentinel solution thus offers a Patient Health Risk (RSP) module, which analyzes in real time all the medical data surrounding the patient in order to determine a risk score as quickly as possible. Users then have the option of choosing the rules they want to activate, as well as their weighting,and send alerts to the DPI Sillage via the supervision dashboards dedicated to pharmacists. This software is in the process of being improved, by minimizing "noise" from dynamic analyzes, by prioritizing alerts.

Read the interview with Gwenaël Guiriec, Head of Development within the SIB, published in DSIH in June