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Our objective is to develop an ambitious policy with our partners

For many years, VIDAL has been supporting software publishers in the design and provision of solutions that meet the needs of healthcare professionals and the current challenges of medical IT.

Our solutions meet the needs of all healthcare professionals and patients and are adapted to all markets:

  • private physicians, dentists, health care workers,

  • pharmacists,,

  • health homes and centers, EHPAD, retirement homes,

  • care facilities and hospitals,

  • mobile applications,

  • research projects.

We are dedicated to supporting every software publisher, regardless of their size or project. We work with a wide range of partners:

  • software publishers,

  • integrators,

  • manufacturers, distributors, inventors,

  • start-ups...

We are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of our services and provide ever more efficient medical decision support tools to save time for healthcare professionals.

Our will, to anticipate with you the expectations of the various markets of today and tomorrow

The VIDAL database, an exhaustive and international reference

VIDAL Base de données

+ 200’000

references of health products (excluding medical devices)

VIDAL Base de données

+ 12’800

pharmaceutical specialities

VIDAL Base de données

+ 300 000

medical devices (implantable, sterile…)

The VIDAL database offers :

  • All speciality drugs marketed in France

    • Available for 5 years ;

    • adapted for use in the city or hospital (UCD code);

    • including cohort and nominative ATUs, parallel import authorizations, etc.

  • All health products marketed in pharmacies: parapharmacy, medical devices, accessories,

    cosmetics, homeopathy, dietetics, veterinary products, etc.

  • Implantable, sterile and non-sterile, active hospital medical devices.

  • Foreign equivalents and their French equivalents.

The VIDAL database provides clinical, medical, economic and administrative data on health products from numerous sources (French and European marketing authorizations, supplier and manufacturer data, etc.).

The VIDAL database is available in several countries and languages (French, English, Spanish, German and Portuguese), which makes it possible to limit the costs of integrating the database in a new country.

Structured, standardized and updated data by a team of scientific experts.

Medical information is structured and standardized by a team of scientific experts (over 40 pharmacists, physicians, pharmacologists, researchers, medical informatics specialists, analysts, database architects, terminologists, etc.).

The data is updated daily, weekly or monthly according to the requests of our publishing partners.

Our scientific teams rely on nomenclatures and international standards to facilitate the interoperability of data within business software.

  • Administrative, economic and therapeutic indexing.

  • Controlled terminology (synonyms and abbreviations).

  • Organization in a medical semantic network.

  • Compatibility with market standard terminologies and classifications (IOC, ICD10, Mesh, ICPC, ATC, SNOMED...).

  • Compatibility with interoperability standards (HL7, FHIR...).

4 main areas of functionality available to publishing partners

  • Fonction de recherche

    ### Search function for health products and documentation

    - Provision of the search engine used in particular on vidal.fr - Return of links to display the product pages of vidal.fr - Proposal of an extended search panel for a deeper integration - By wording (product brand name) - By codes (UCD, CIP, EAM, UDI...) - By classifications : ATC, pharmaco-therapeutic, LPP, Cladimed - By manufacturer, laboratory - By composition - By indication - ... - Availability of specific search functions : - Auto-completion - Scanning of barcodes - Multi-criteria search - Access to the entire VIDAL reference documentation - VIDAL Monograph (reference document for a specialty). - VIDAL Recos: synthesis of French and international therapeutic recommendations in the form of decision trees. - Tox'In database: knowledge base on the main acute human drug and non-drug intoxications such as plants, mushrooms, household products or food; diagnostic proposals, consultation of toxic doses, procedures and specific antidotes. - Foreign equivalents database: identification of French and foreign equivalents for a drug specialty. - Other documentary sources: transparency commission summaries (SMR and ASMR), therapeutic information sheets, risk management plans, summaries of product characteristics (rcp).
  • Fonction d’aide à la prescription et à la dispensation

    ### Fonction d’aide à la prescription et à la dispensation

    #### Help in writing the dosage Proposal for each product and for each indication : - the prescription unit and the most commonly used route of administration - the prescription scheme defining the doses, frequency and duration #### Search for therapeutic equivalence Proposal of several functions to search for therapeutic equivalences: - Same composition, dosage and route of administration - Same composition, dosage or different route of administration - Equivalent therapeutic classes - Equivalent products limiting the risk of interactions - Equivalent products offered in many countries (for patients travelling for example) #### Dose equivalence calculations Proposal for each product of a very complete list of units and dose conversion allowing the calculation of doses to be dispensed and administered (e.g. converting a Morphine prescription in MG/KG into a number of ampoules to be dispensed and a volume in ML to be administered for the nursing staff). #### Setting up the hospital booklet - Possibility to create and update a product sheet in a software - Provision of all necessary data: - Labels - Product codes - Therapeutic classes - Tariffs - Medico-economic information. - Proposal of numerous indicators and data facilitating the parameterization and the functioning of the software: - Blood-derived drugs - Antibiotics - Classification for care plans - Chemotherapy data - … #### Accompaniment towards the prescription in DC - Proposal of a prescription wording in CD in compliance with the regulations for each drug - Retrieval of the practitioner's prescription history and printing of a CD prescription in compliance with the regulatory constraints #### Dispensing support for pharmacists - Help in choosing the most suitable specialty according to different criteria (excipients with known effects, stock, administration device included in the box, products reserved for children, adults...) to accompany the dispensing of prescriptions written in common names.
  • Fonction de sécurisation

    ### Prescription security function

    #### Risks between drugs - Drug interaction detection module taking into account pharmacological and pharmacokinetic mechanisms and describing the mechanism of the interaction and the appropriate action to take. - module for detecting the risks of physico-chemical incompatibilities thanks to our partnership with Stabilis - control of substance redundancies within prescriptions. #### Risks according to patient data - patient-based risk detection module to help the user determine the best treatment for the medical conditions. - detection of risks related to 8 main patient data: age, weight, gender, pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies, pathologies, renal insufficiency. #### Dose control - Control of the risks of overdose and underdose, by intake, days, over a lifetime... - Control of the frequency of intake and duration. - Severity level and filtering of alerts - Tool for limiting "over alerts" (alert fatigue) - Implementation of a severity level system for the information: - Informative data - Risk level from 1 to 4 - Fine categorization of alerts - Overdose - Duration of treatment The user can, for example, easily filter only alerts concerning the patient's pregnancy and whose severity is maximal. #### HTML Summary - Proposal of a summary sheet of all the risks of the order. - Classification of risks - Provision of a menu allowing a fast and intuitive navigation (modelled on the monograph to which healthcare professionals are accustomed). - Presentation of a home page showing the most important alerts of the prescription in the first place, saving time and making it easier to understand the risk.
  • Fonction d’aide au codage

    ### Patient record coding support function and medico-economic data

    #### Administrative and economic data - Data for billing and reimbursement of health products - Price and reimbursement rates - Prescription and reimbursement restrictions - LPP - Generics directory - Daily data update and dissemination #### Hospital data and supplementary indications - Information specific to hospital care - Out of GHS and tariff - Retrocession and pricing - Approval for communities - Hospital packaging - ... - Indications in addition to drugs for coverage in addition to hospitalization services - Information for other health products (medical devices, etc.) - Coverage outside the GHS - LPP and associated long indications - Simplified references for additional indications to facilitate coding in software. #### VIDAL PMSI Proposal of two complementary tools to optimize and enhance coding: - Retro-coding function: - Proposal of missing codes to be added to the coding of the file, based on the treatments administered and the reports available for the patient and taking into account the CMAs. - Classification of orders by order of relevance - Grouping by pathologies to facilitate navigation. - Coding control function: - Control of the patient's file and verification of the presence of a treatment or a mention in the medical record justifying the code used for the PMSI.

VIDAL solutions adapted to each healthcare professional


    VIDAL Expert

    The solution integrated with medical prescription software.



    The reference site on health products and medical information.


    VIDAL Hoptimal

    The online solution for hospital practitioners


    VIDAL Sécurisation

    The solution integrated with hospital business software.


    VIDAL Sentinel

    The solution for continuous risk detection.


    VIDAL Mobile

    The solution for a mobile consultation.

    VIDAL Technologies innovantes

    Innovative technologies for optimized integration with business software

    • API standardization and compatibility (SOAP and REST APIs)
    • Technology in SaaS mode
    • Interoperability of databases (cio synchro)
    • Contextual alerts
    • Terminology extractors
    • Extensive functional coverage of APIs (search, secure prescription and delivery, access to repositories)
    Avantages VIDAL

    Benefits for publisher partners

    Integrating VIDAL data means:

    • Benefit from an accredited health product database whose expertise is unanimously recognized.
    • HAS approval: December 2009 (compliance with the fundamental criteria of the HAS quality charter) Exhaustiveness, Neutrality, Accuracy, Freshness, Completeness.
    • Consult the page on HAS certification
    • Have the assurance of using the latest technology tools
    • Have a team that listens to you and provides solutions adapted to your needs.

    In practice: how to become a partner

    If you would like to know more about our areas of development or become a VIDAL partner, do not hesitate to contact our publisher partnership manager directly:

    Charles Metivier