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    Avec vidal.fr, consultez en ligne toute l’information sur les médicaments à destination du grand public.

VIDAL.fr is the reference site on medicines for consumers.

VIDAL.fr is the reference site on medicines for consumers.

Are you looking for information on a health product?

Do you want to consult the latest news on a disease or find out about the interactions of a drug?

The VIDAL.fr website allows you to easily find all the information you need on drugs and parapharmacy products with the help of information sheets written in a language that everyone can understand.

Numerous health tips on various topics (travel, sports, food, children, etc.) and information on the main diseases provide valuable advice on the proper use of medicines on a daily basis.

VIDAL.fr can be consulted free of charge and allows you to follow all the latest news on medicines every day.


Health product information

  • + More than 13,000 medicines

  • Parapharmacy products

    • Hygiene

    • Care

    • Cosmetics

    • Food supplements...

  • Search by :

    • Name

    • Substance

    • Laboratory

  • Synthetic structured sheets :

    • Indications

    • Presentation

    • Composition

    • Contraindications

    • Drug interactions

    • Fertility, pregnancy and lactation

    • Directions for use and dosage

    • Undesirable effects

Disease information

  • + More than 200 detailed information sheets on diseases:

    • explanations of the pathology

    • symptoms and diagnosis

    • causes and prevention

    • treatments used.

Health tips

  • Children's health

  • Pregnancy

  • Travel Health

  • Sport and health

  • Balanced diet

  • Vaccination

  • Thermal cure centers

  • News on medication

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vidal.fr is available free of charge on the Internet.

  • Client : Desktop computer with an internet connection.
  • Internet browser of choice : Internet Explorer 7 minimum - Firefox 3.6 minimum - Safari 5 minimum - Chrome 7 minimum.
  • Client computer : PDF file reader.
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