• With eVIDAL, consult all the information on health products online in your company.


eVIDAL is the information site on health products dedicated to companies.

The eVIDAL information site allows companies to quickly find reliable and complete answers to all questions related to drugs, medical devices and any other health product.

Thanks to a neutral and exhaustive information base, optimized ergonomics and quick access to data, eVIDAL meets the information and documentation needs you may encounter in your professional practice.


Completeness of information

  • All drugs marketed in France (including generic and hospital specialties).

  • Parapharmacy products, accessories, medical devices, homeopathy, dietetic products and

    veterinary drugs.

  • + More than 350,000 references of medical devices.

  • + More than 72,000 health products.

  • + more than 12,800 medicines.

Richesse documentaire

  • VIDAL Monographs

    • Major reference based on all the reference documents published by the official authorities (ANSM, EMA, JO, HAS, CEPS), the latest news and publications (pharmacovigilance alerts, variations and draft SPCs, etc.).

    • Information sheet for more than 11,000 drugs and 4,000 parapharmaceutical products.

  • VIDAL Recos database: 185 therapeutic strategies and 260 commented decision trees.

  • Tox'In database: knowledge base on the main acute human drug and non-drug intoxications such as plants, mushrooms, household products or .

  • Foreign equivalents database: identification of French and foreign equivalents for a drug speciality in more than 49 countries.

  • STABILIS database on the stability and compatibility of drugs

  • ANSM alerts

  • Summary of opinions from the Transparency Commission

  • Risk Management Plan (RMP)

  • Therapeutic Information Sheet (TIS)

  • Good Use of Medicines Form (BUM)

  • Eureka health sheet

  • VIDAL news feed: official news on medicines and health products.

Functional richness

  • Optimized search engine

    • auto-completion

    • spell checker

  • Faceted" filters to refine searches by :

    • Active substances: active principle of the drug or product

    • Indications / pathologies

    • Therapeutic classes (VIDAL pharmacotherapeutic class)  

    • ATC classes (Anatomical, Therapeutic and Chemical) 

    • Laboratories (operators)

    • Marketing (marketed, discontinued, not defined)

    • Reference / generic

    • Form / Route of administration / Color

    • List (NL, I, II, Narcotic)

    • Packaging

  • Search by shape and color

  • Drug Interactions :

    • Adding specialties to a virtual prescription: search by trade name or by substance

    • Analysis of drug interactions in the virtual prescription

    • Search for therapeutic alternatives in case of interaction

  • Export of data.

VIDAL Prérequis technique

Technical requirements

eVIDAL is available on the Internet.

  • Client : Desktop computer with an internet connection.
  • Application server: No application server is required, the installer includes one.
  • Client computer Internet browser: Internet Explorer 7 minimum - Firefox 3.6 minimum - Safari 5 minimum - Chrome 7 minimum.
  • Client station: PDF file reader
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  • On quotation.
  • Annual subscription.
  • Monthly updates.

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