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    VIDAL e-services

    With VIDAL e-services, get all the VIDAL expertise adapted to your company's needs.

VIDAL e-services is the tailor-made solution to integrate all of VIDAL's expertise into your business environment.

Do you need data extraction or specific functions on healthcare products? Do you want to integrate VIDAL data into your software, your website or your business application?

VIDAL e-services is the tailor-made solution that meets all your expectations by providing you with 3 main areas of functionality:

  • Documentary and research functions for health products

  • Prescription and dispensing assistance functions

  • Prescription security functions


Research, information and documents

  • Simple or multi-criteria search on drugs.

  • Consultation of medico-economic data on health products.

    • Prices.

    • Reimbursements...

  • Access to VIDAL reference information:

    • VIDAL Monograph

    • VIDAL Recos

    • Toxicology database (Tox'In)

Prescription and dispensing assistance

  • Assistance in writing the dosage

  • Search for therapeutic equivalencies

    • French equivalence database

    • Foreign equivalence database

  • Dose equivalence calculations...

Securing the prescription

  • Interdrug risk analysis

  • Risk detection based on patient data

  • Dose control

  • Alert filtering and severity level analysis...

* Non-exhaustive list of data: code, product, name, price, reimbursement rate, margin, LPPR, indications, molecule, composition, classification, etc.

VIDAL e-Services (label)

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