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    With VIDAL Expert, make the right therapeutic choice by optimizing the effectiveness and safety of your prescriptions.

Secure your prescriptions with VIDAL Expert, the most complete solution for private practitioners.

The VIDAL Expert offer, specially designed for you, allows you to optimize the therapeutic management of your patients, thanks to VIDAL's expertise in the processing of medical knowledge and its integration into your daily tools.

Benefit from the richness of the VIDAL database, the security functions integrated into your medical software and have permanent access to all VIDAL information online in your medical practice or on your smartphone.

VIDAL integrated with medical software with VIDAL Sécurisation

Integrated into your software, the VIDAL Securisation module allows you to have the necessary information at the time of your prescriptions, to secure them according to the profile of your patients and to alert you if necessary. Securisation is a class I medical device.

VIDAL available online with vidal.fr

Quickly find precise information on a health product, follow the official news on therapeutics, and learn about new practices thanks to vidal.fr and VIDAL campus, its e-learning platform.

VIDAL can be consulted on the move with VIDAL Mobile

Consult all VIDAL information on your smartphone at any time. Only VIDAL allows you this unique consultation facility, which is particularly relevant during visits, with permanent access to VIDAL Monographs and Recos.


VIDAL, exhaustive information easily accessible

  • + More than 12,000 drugs marketed in France, including generic specialties.

  • Access to references for all health products: medicines, parapharmacy products, accessories, medical devices, homeopathy, dietetic products and veterinary medicines.

  • Search for health products using a variety of criteria:

    • Drug name or specific code

    • Shape and color

    • Therapeutic class

    • INN or substance

    • Indication

    • Laboratory

    • VIDAL Recos (therapeutic strategies)

    • Data Matrix by scanning the barcode of a drug box

Integrated security features tailored to your practice

  • Prescription analysis in relation to the patient profile (age, gender, weight, allergies, risk factors and disease).

  • Detection of drug interactions and possible substitution by another drug with the same therapeutic class or indication.

  • Detection of contraindications, precautions for use and warnings according to the patient context.

  • Dosage control on minimum and maximum daily doses and duration of treatment.

  • Detection of substance redundancies in the different products of the prescription.

  • Detection of risks of allergies or intolerance related to the treatment and physico-chemical incompatibilities related to a product.

  • Display of undesirable effects and monitoring related to the prescription of a product.

  • VIDAL Focus alerts, contextual information concerning the prescription, delivery or use of a drug (misuse, pharmacovigilance, rupture, etc.).

  • VIDAL News: all the regulatory information on drugs and therapeutic developments (new products, pharmacovigilance alerts, etc.) that can be consulted daily

  • Drug converter : Referent - Generic and Specialty - INN

An unparalleled wealth of documentation

  • VIDAL Monograph: a major reference based on all the guidelines published by the official authorities (ANSM, EMA, JO, HAS, CEPS), as well as current news and publications (pharmacovigilance alerts, variations and draft SPCs, etc.).

  • VIDAL Recos database: 185 summaries of therapeutic strategies and 260 commented decision trees to guide the physician from diagnosis to treatment.

  • Tox'In database: knowledge base on the main acute human drug and non-drug intoxications such as plants, mushrooms, household products or foods

  • Foreign equivalents database: identification of French and foreign equivalents for a drug specialty in 49 countries.

  • Médicosport-santé dictionary: a new service for the medical management of sports disciplines

  • VIDAL Campus: VIDAL e-learning platform providing permanent access to numerous educational tools and care paths to monitor the evolution of medical practices.

  • Patient file: descriptive file on the drug or the pathologies adapted to the patients

Access to the ROSP thanks to the HAS-approved VIDAL database

  • Interfaced with the main medical software, VIDAL Expert allows private doctors to benefit from the ROSP (Remuneration on Public Health Objectives) thanks to the use of software certified by the HAS.

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  • 27€ TTC/month
  • Monthly updates

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