• VIDAL.fr le site de référence sur les produits de santé et l’information médicale

    With vidal.fr, consult online all the information on health products and medical news.

vidal.fr is the reference site for health products and medical information.

The online consultation solution allows healthcare professionals as well as the general public to find information on drugs, medical devices and parapharmacy products quickly and free of charge.

The vidal.fr website allows you to find numerous resources and tools to help you manage your treatment, as well as all the official news on drugs and health products and to consult VIDAL Campus, the e-learning platform.n.

vidal.fr is the essential reference site for practitioners who wish to have an online decision support tool to secure their prescriptions, but also for the general public who are more than ever in search of health information.

Some key figures

1st website

for health information *

+ 300 000

healthcare professionals connected in the last 12 months

* Source ACPM - Sites and applications ranking - May 2020


Richness of documentation

  • VIDAL Monographs

    • Information sheet for more than 11,000 drugs and 4,000 parapharmaceutical products

    • Content in accordance with official information and public references

    • Search by trade name, substance, indication, laboratory

    • History and favorites

  • Tox'In database: knowledge base on the main acute human drug and non-drug intoxications such as plants, mushrooms, household products or food; proposal of diagnoses, consultation of toxic doses, guidelines and specific antidotes

  • VIDAL Recos database

    • 185 validated therapeutic strategies supported by recommendation grades

    • 260 commented decision trees

    • Written by over 90 scientific experts

  • VIDAL news feed: official news on drugs and health products.

Functional richness

  • New search engine optimized for a global query of information in health products, recommendations and news,

  • Search by trade name, substance, indication or laboratory

  • Drug interactions:

    • Adding specialties to a virtual prescription: search by trade name or by substance

    • Analysis of drug interactions in the virtual prescription

    • Search for therapeutic alternatives in case of interaction

  • VIDAL Campus e-Learning modules: teaching tools and specific document collections

  • Scan Data Matrix: identification of drug boxes by barcode

  • Referent - Generic converter

  • Specialty - INN converter

  • Consultation of the VIDAL news feed on drugs

  • Search by pharmacotherapeutic classifications

  • Setting of update frequencies and connected devices

  • Management of favorites

  • Browsing history over the last 7 days

Visuel vidal.fr
  • the reference site for health products and medical information

  • professional expertise validated by a committee of experts

  • information adapted to health professionals and the general public

  • an online decision-making tool essential to daily practice with information sheets on drugs, substances (INN) and parapharmaceutical products

  • news on drugs and other health products selected and written from reference sources

  • decision support calculators: detection of drug interactions, drug identifiers, international equivalents

  • a free e-learning space (VIDAL Campus)

VIDAL Mobile is available free of charge to all independent healthcare professionals

VIDAL Mobile (illustration)

The new version of the VIDAL Mobile application allows for a more intuitive use of the services offered by VIDAL and easier access to information thanks to a more efficient search engine.

Site vidal.fr depuis votre navigateur

Prérequis technique

vidal.fr est disponible gratuitement sur internet.

  • Client : Ordinateur de bureau équipé d’une connexion internet.
  • Serveur d’application : Aucun serveur d’application n’est nécessaire, l’installeur en embarque un.
  • Navigateur Internet des postes client au choix : Internet Explorer 7 minimum - Firefox 3.6 minimum - Safari 5 minimum - Chrome 7 minimum.
  • Poste client : Lecteur de fichier PDF.
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Inscription gratuite mais obligatoire pour les professionnels de santé pour accéder à l’intégralité des informations.

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