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    With VIDAL Hoptimal, consult all the information on health products online.

VIDAL Hoptimal is the online solution dedicated to healthcare institutions and health houses.

VIDAL Hoptimal allows you to obtain quick and reliable answers to all questions about healthcare products encountered in a hospital setting.

By facilitating access to up-to-date, evidence-based information through a wide range of features, VIDAL Hoptimal contributes to safer drug management in your institution.


Completeness of information

  • All drugs marketed in France (including generic and hospital specialties).

  • Parapharmacy products, accessories, medical devices, homeopathy, dietetic products and veterinary drugs.

  • + More than 350,000 references of medical devices.

  • + More than 72,000 health products.

  • + more than 12,800 medicines.

Documentary richness

  • VIDAL Monograph: a major reference based on all the guidelines published by the official authorities (ANSM, EMA, JO, HAS, CEPS), current news and publications (pharmacovigilance alerts, variations and draft SPCs, etc.).

  • VIDAL Recos: 250 summaries of therapeutic recommendations.

  • Tox'In : toxicology database on the main acute human intoxications, both drug-related and non-drug-related.

  • Access to the Foreign Equivalences module.

  • Database on Medical Devices (MD).

  • Antibiogarde: database on the proper use of antibiotics.

  • Synthesis of the Commission de la Transparence.

  • Good use guidelines (RBU).

  • Temporary Recommendations for Use (RTU).

  • Risk Management Plan (RMP).

  • Therapeutic Information Sheet (TIS)

  • VIDAL news feed on drugs (VIDAL News)

Fast access to information

  • Multiple searches: name, INN, indication, code (UCD, CIP, etc.), class, route of administration.

  • Multi-criteria combinations (INN + route).

  • Advanced searches for classifications (TC, LPPR, CLADIMED, ...), shape and color, equivalent drugs (generic / virtual drug).

  • Pre-configured lists: list of drugs outside the GHS, retrocession drugs, drugs reimbursed at 100%...)

  • Facet" filters to refine searches.

Prescription and dispensing security

  • Detection of drug interactions on a virtual prescription.

  • Proposal of therapeutic alternatives in case of interaction detected by a specialty of the same class or with the same indication.

  • Alerts on Good Use issues (VIDAL Focus).

Some key figures*

1st drug database


of physicians and pharmacists

+ 2 000

health facilities equipped


of hospital beds

* Source: IPSOS Santé Connect' 2018 study

VIDAL Hoptimal
  • A quick and easy to use reference site

  • Business expertise validated by a committee of experts

  • Reliable and relevant answers related to the hospital context

  • An online decision support tool that is essential for everyday life

  • Drug information accessible on the move with VIDAL Mobile

VIDAL Hoptimal nouvelle version
  • New, more powerful search engine.

  • Optimized graphical interface and ergonomics.

  • Innovative functionalities.

  • Enriched document collections.

Hospital healthcare professionals whose establishments are equipped with VIDAL Hoptimal can use the VIDAL Mobile application free of charge.

VIDAL Mobile (illustration)

The new version of the VIDAL Mobile application provides more intuitive use of the services offered by VIDAL and easier access to information thanks to a more efficient search engine. The version available at the hospital provides access to the establishment's treatment booklet.

Technical requirements

VIDAL Hoptimal is available on the Internet.

  • Client: Desktop computer with an internet connection.
  • Application server: No application server is required, the installer includes one.
  • Client computer Internet browser: Internet Explorer 7 minimum - Firefox 3.6 minimum - Safari 5 minimum - Chrome 7 minimum.
  • Client station: PDF file reader.
VIDAL Hoptimal (label)


  • on estimate (maintenance contract and hotline).
  • Monthly updates.

If you have any questions, please contact the sales manager in your area.

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