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    With VIDAL Integrated, secure your prescriptions by integrating VIDAL expertise into your medical software.

VIDAL Integrated is the international solution for integration with medical software.

VIDAL Integrated provides healthcare professionals and editors with a set of specific modules (APIs) designed to be integrated into business software in order to secure the medication circuit.

The databases and decision support tools available on this website are developed by multinational teams of scientific experts based in Europe from official international sources (EMA, FDA, ANSM...).

The drug information indexed and structured in the form of VMPs (Virtual Medicinal Products) allows for optimized integration into medical information systems.

Drug databases and decision support tools are developed by multinational teams of scientific experts based in Europe from official international sources (EMA, FDA, ANSM...).

By facilitating access to numerous search and security features and by integrating structured data, VIDAL Integrated contributes to improving drug management.

The VIDAL Integrated solution is available in English or Spanish and includes the VIDAL Securisation module, a CE marked class I medical device.


Search function

  • Search by :

    • name

    • active ingredient

    • generic product

    • indication

    • ATC classification

Alert and security functions

  • Detection of drug interactions in relation to the patient's pathophysiological profile (age, gender, weight, allergies, risk factors and disease).

  • Dosage alert on minimum and maximum daily doses and duration of treatment.

  • Detection of substance redundancies within a prescription.

  • Display of alerts related to the prescription of a product.

  • Display of undesirable effects of a product.

  • Display of physico-chemical incompatibilities related to a product.

  • Possible substitutions (similar product, ATC class or identical indication).

Documentary functions and structured data

  • Access to Product Monographs

  • Structured data :

    • Brand name

    • National Identification Code

    • ATC Classification

    • Active Substances

    • Indications

    • Method of administration

    • Dosage form

    • Contraindications

    • Allergies

    • Undesirable effects

    • Drug interactions

    • Packaging

    • Specific alerts

    • Precautions for use

    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding...

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