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    With VIDAL Sentinel, detect the risk of hospital prescriptions in real time.

VIDAL Sentinel, real-time monitoring of prescription risks

Powered by a data flow from the prescription software, biological analysis results and other patient variables (age, weight, gender), VIDAL Sentinel continuously analyzes prescriptions and calculates a risk score. Designed for pharmacy services, the application prioritizes the pharmaceutical analysis and allows you to improve and secure the drug management in your hospital.

VIDAL Sentinel is a class I CE marked medical device.


A continuous assessment tool

  • Data feed from the prescription software, biological analysis results and other patient variables (age, weight, sex);

  • Data analysis according to business rules that combine the notions of patient at risk and drug at risk;

  • Assignment of a systematically justified risk score for each file in order to organize pharmaceutical prioritization;

  • Automatic recalculation whenever one of the parameters changes (new prescription, new biological result).

Validated VIDAL business rules

  • Based on publications and risk assessment (mainly from the French Society of Clinical Pharmacy), the VIDAL scientific committee and the user community;

  • Can be used directly "out of the box" with a body of validated rules;

  • Relevant regardless of the evolution of the institution's booklet or the market (new commercializations) by relying on the drug's properties managed in the VIDAL database;

  • Locally weighted in order to adapt to the specificities of an establishment;

  • Integrating the notion of obsolescence of clinical data.

VIDAL Sentinel, an innovative application to improve the quality and safety of drug management.

Some key figures*

38,000 to 72,000

preventable drug-related SAEs occur during hospitalization

10,000 to 30,000

deaths are attributed each year in France to a medication error

1 in 2 SAEs

is a medication error

VIDAL Sentinel enables the in-house pharmacy department to limit the occurrence of serious adverse events by validating drug prescriptions. Based on the alerts generated, the hospital pharmacist can prioritize the pharmaceutical analysis of patients at risk.

* Source: National survey on adverse events in healthcare (ENEIS) - 2009

3 benefits for the hospital pharmacist

Controlling adverse drug reactions

Improving the efficiency of PUs

Development of clinical pharmacy

Le CHR de Metz –Thionville, premier site pilote de la solution VIDAL Sentinel

The Metz-Thionville Regional Hospital, the first pilot site for the VIDAL Sentinel solution

The validation of drug prescriptions is a major safety issue for hospital pharmacy professionals. The VIDAL Sentinel solution installed at the Metz Regional Hospital Center allows for the prioritization of pharmaceutical analysis thanks to the relevance of its alerts (risk score).

Read the interview with Dr. Rémy Basso, hospital practitioner in charge of the computerization project at the PUI of the CHR of Metz -Thionville

A tool for continuous analysis of hospital prescriptions for inpatients.


VIDAL Sentinel is interfaced with the institution's Hospital Information System and continuously analyzes all prescription data from the Electronic Patient Record (IPR) for a hospitalized patient in order to prioritize the pharmaceutical analysis.

Technical requirements

**FHIR / SENTINEL virtual machine

  • 8 Vcpu
  • 16 GB of ram
  • 4 GB of available space for each virtual machine in the nominal configuration at installation
  • Disk space extension for stream storage, a minimum of 50 GB is required for both virtual machines

Virtual machine resources:

  • Operating system: CentOs 7
  • Processor: 2.4Ghz, dual core
  • RAM: 8 GB minimum
VIDAL Sentinel (label)

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