Provide healthcare professionals with services for better drug use throughout the patient's care.

Acquisition et structuration des données médicamenteuses

Acquisition and structuring of drug data.

Sécurisation des pratiques médicales

Securing medical practices.

Conception d’outils d’aide à la décision

Design of decision support tools.

Intégration aux logiciels médicaux

Integration with medical software.


Consultation of the news on the drug.

Discover all of VIDAL's expertise in a range of solutions adapted to your needs.

    VIDAL, an ongoing commitment to innovation in the service of healthcare professionals

    Fonctions innovantes VIDAL

    Innovative security functions for integration into business software.

    VIDAL provides publishers with all its expertise to optimize and secure medical prescriptions.

    Solutions applicatives complètes VIDAL

    Complete application solutions for healthcare institutions.

    VIDAL provides healthcare institutions with innovative decision support tools that can be accessed online or integrated into the hospital information system to assist healthcare professionals in their therapeutic decisions.

    These healthcare professionals who use VIDAL and trust us

    • «I mainly use VIDAL to check dosages when I write my prescriptions and I am not sure how many pills to take per day. VIDAL also helps me to control drug interactions»

      @le_petit_urgentiste, emergency medicine intern, 3rd semester

    • «VIDAL helps me a lot when I’m revising for my exam. I check the drug classes when I have a doubt and I particularly appreciate the diagnostic trees (VIDAL Recos).»

      @Dr_Mimiloupi, 6th year medical student

    • «The VIDAL Mobile application is really complete and practical to search for the different galenics available as well as the side effects.»

      @Dr_Mimiloupi, Intern in Anesthesia and Intensive Care

    • «On the wall of the Continuing Care Unit, VIDAL explains the INNs of originator drugs in everyday life. A useful and indispensable reminder when you need certain medications.»

      @Dr_Mimiloupi, Inès, 25 years old, intensive care nurse

    • «My very first VIDAL was given to me by a doctor during my nursing studies, because I was having trouble learning the treatments of patients. He even signed it for me! I am now a medical student and my VIDAL is now digital. I use it every day during my internship: from the dosage to be confirmed, to the latest recos and drug references. My favorite function on VIDAL Mobile? The converter.»

      @Dr.b_Med, third year medical student

      VIDAL, a constant desire to help health professionals provide better care.