Health institutions


A range of products adapted to your needs and your hospital practice

Secure and optimize all stages of the medication circuit with VIDAL Sécurisation.

Consult all the information on health products online with VIDAL Hoptimal.

Consult the VIDAL database at any time and wherever you are with VIDAL Mobile.

Detect risks in hospital prescriptions with VIDAL Sentinel.

How to better use VIDAL applications?

Discover VIDAL Sécurisation, the new CE marked VIDAL device

VIDAL Sécurisation is the VIDAL module that brings together all the security functions designed to be integrated into business software for hospitals and clinics. It enhances the assistance offered to healthcare professionals in the use of Prescription Assistance Software or Dispensing Assistance Software.

The main answers are in our FAQ

Problem with the activation key in VIDAL Expert, difficulty installing VIDAL Mobile on your smartphone, fixing an update bug…
Find in our FAQ all the answers to your most frequent questions.